Diabetes…Prescription Drugs…and Wasted Dollars

by Jennifer Tobias

Extra pounds…lots of them, (think obesity), is a major factor in the development of Type 2 Diabetes. What was once a disease seen mostly in people over the age of 60, is now a disease that scoffs at the boundaries once set by years of life. Researchers have found that carrying excess weight around is a common causative factor creating the new “diabetes epidemic of the world”.
If you picked up this article expecting to read the usual blah, blah, blah, on diabetes and obesity; you more than likely will be disappointed.

Yes, I could tell you to do most of the same things you have heard over and over again like: $$$ buy a glucose meter (a machine that reads your blood sugar level) and stick yourself numerous times a day (ouch!), lose weight, exercise, take the prescription drugs your healthcare practitioner has prescribed to help control your elevated blood sugar levels, and any of the other common, … and often times non- effective things you may be doing to improve your health. I am not going to repeat that which needs no repeating. Sorry.

No, what I want to share with you is success talk. I want to tell you about the 20 year diabetic whose daily blood sugars went to normal after he changed his breakfast foods! I want to tell you about the woman whose AM blood sugars went from 250 to 140 by adding an evening snack.
I don’t like repetitive, non-effective actions and I am sure you don’t either.
I want to ask you to consider making this year different. To do so will require taking different action; learning new and different things.

Learn: best times to exercise, specific insulin lowering foods, time of day the body produces the most insulin, and how your diabetes medicines work. Get tools to use between healthcare visits to help you feel successful, not ashamed, of your efforts.
“Getting the right tools is not enough, knowing how to use those tools is Brilliant!” Be brilliant…this year by not doing the same things and settling for the same results.
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Jennifer Tobias is the owner of the Diabetes Wellness Center St. Louis; A published author, nutritionist, registered nurse, and business coach.
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