Are Specialty Camps Right For My Child?

Imagine having a few weeks to do nothing but explore and play in something you find interesting. Many kids today are enjoying just that. Specialty camps are a great way of allowing kids to actively engage in their favorite activities, or explore new passions.

Over the last decade, the number of camps catering to kids specific interests has multiplied, due to parent and camper demand. Today there are camps in almost every interest area including skateboarding, theatre, cooking, animal and vet programming, science, weight loss, and many more.

When kids come together with a shared interest, magic happens! There is already a common bond that allows them to connect in a unique way.

Lori Martin, Owner/Director of Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp, says “My love for animals began when I was a child. Cub Creek was created out of my dream of every child being able to touch and hold animals while learning about them.”

Today Cub Creek Science Camp has over 250 animals of 100 different species for kids to connect with. They offer unique animal and science- related programming including a Jr. Vet program where kids learn how to read X-rays or how to give injections into an orange.
“The animals have a unique way of bringing the kids together.” Lori says. “Animals don’t criticize you or judge you for making mistakes the way humans sometimes do.
Teaching kids to transfer this kindness, patience and connection to their human relationships with one another is one of the goals of our camp. The responsibility and respect that kids learn from taking care of animals is also a benefit.”

Whether your child’s interest is in animals or cooking, finding a camp that matches their passion is a great start to ensuring a fantastic summer experience.
For more information please call 573-458-2125 or visit www.myanimalcamp.com.

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