Ancient Healing in the Modern World: Spring Qigong Retreat at Shaw Nature Reserve April 28-May 1

by Cis Hager

Not so long ago the mention of Qigong might bring a puzzled look to a reader. Today, these ancient health systems are widely practiced throughout the country, even encouraged by doctors as an adjunct to traditional therapies. They fall into wide ranging categories incorporating stillness, dynamic movement, breathing, sound, visualization and self massage.

Health Preservation Qigong (Bao Jian Gong) falls under the auspices of a Medical Qigong and works directly with the body’s energetic pathways which are activated by tracing them on the body with mind, movement and sound in a slow and gentle manner to strengthen and heal. It is suitable for all people and all levels of experience. It can be done sitting or standing. Qigong offers ‘tools’ we can use to assist in our own health and well-being. Over time, with patience and daily practice, Qigong becomes part of the familiar routine and rhythms of our life.

A great way to get started on this path to vibrant health is to experience an immersion retreat such as the Medical Qigong Retreat offered this April 28 – May 1 st at the Dana Brown Nature Center of the Shaw Arboretum. Great food, cozy lodging, guided nature walks, programs by the World Bird Sanctuary, lecture by chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr. Rand Olson all supplement a long weekend of learning and practicing these easy to do exercises as taught by certified instructors, Cis Hager and Rebecca Kali. This 2,400 acre country home of the Missouri Botanical Garden is exactly the place to learn and practice Qigong: out in nature, at the peak blooming of spring. www.qigong-retreat.com

Cis Hager has over 25 years of study in Taiji, sword, push hands, Taoist and Buddhist Qigong. She is a former tournament competitor and judge offering personalized instruction, seminars and retreats to men & women. She is co-producer of the video Tai Chi for Women and a participant in the National Qigong Association’s Heaving Wave video project. Professional memberships include: Chinese Internal Arts Center of St. Louis, The Haelan Centers, and International Qigong Alliance. Cis now lives in Montana.

For more information on this and other opportunities for immersion retreats this year in Telluride, CO and Ely, MN, call 314-406-5497 or email: cishager@yahoo.com or visit online at www.retreat4women.com / www.stltaiji.com. Visit our booth at the Healthy Planet Expo!

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